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With the mass vaccinations being rolled out by governments around the world, things are definitely looking up. However, this is no magic pill that can end the crushing burden that the healthcare industry is currently under. The fact that there are more than 200,000 pending operations and over 500 healthcare workers quitting a month in Sweden alone, only adds to an already strained healthcare system.

"The vaccine rollout for coronavirus is a marathon, and not a sprint”

- Stephen Powis, National Medical Director of NHS England

Vaccination won't solve the bigger picture

As per the National Medical Director of NHS England, the vaccine rollout for coronavirus is "a marathon, and not a sprint". Therefore, with the rollout period spanning months and a required two doses per person, the resemblance to some form of normalcy for the healthcare workers is still in the distant future. The war against the virus is multipronged. The vaccine is only one battle won, with 28 million surgeries being canceled in the first 12 weeks of the pandemic, it's an uphill battle to a fully functional healthcare system worldwide (3). Studies have shown that over 30% of healthcare workers reported being stressed, while 25% and 36% reporting anxiety (4) and insomnia (5) respectively. The extended working hours, coupled with a large number of experienced nurses retiring, is putting pressure on the workforce unlike ever before, and they're in dire need of new solutions.

“Healthcare professionals are being fast-tracked through their final years to get registered and join the ranks on the frontline”

How will the healthcare system come out of this?

The worldwide nursing force is 28 million strong and at present, there's a shortage of 6 million nurses worldwide, with another 4.7 million of the most experienced retirings within the next decade (6). To cope with the massive surge in the number of patients, healthcare professionals are being fast-tracked through their final years to join the ranks on the frontline (7,8). However, as per a Spanish quantitative study conducted at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, 63% of the nursing and medical students questioned indicated that they did not feel prepared to attend to infected patients (9). A lot of nurses have reported starting and ending their shifts in tears on account of being asked to handle patients they’re not trained to treat, often going hours without food or water on account of preserving single-use personal protective equipment which is sparsely available (10).

“Healthcare professionals are being fast-tracked through their final years to get registered and join the ranks on the frontline”

Finding new more efficient ways

Nurses all over the world are under tremendous pressure, besides dealing with covid-patients and backed-up surgeries they are largely responsible to vaccinate the entire world population. Young healthcare professionals are now facing a huge challenge. Even routine procedures such as IV access can be stressful without enough experience, with the need for more time and resources and increased risk for failed attempts and complications. Nurses, along with other healthcare professionals have been hailed heroes during this worldwide pandemic. While they serve on the front lines, every second counts. But these words are of little help in the critical care situation, where new tools and processes are required in order to help them provide patients with better, faster, and safer care.

We, at Ortrud, are committed to helping them through our smart tourniquet - tournIQ®. With an integrated indicator guide for optimal pressure every single time, resulting in the best vein conditions for first stick success. This can bridge the gap between a fresh graduate and an experienced professional with regards to IV access, shortening the learning curve in the process. Innovative devices such as this can help facilitate more efficient care, prevent failed attempts, and save time.
February 12, 2021
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