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The smart tourniquet looks and works just like a conventional tourniquet, with the addition of optimal pressure indication which makes it the professional tool for IV access.

Each tourniquet has printed basic instructions for use and in the manual that comes with each box, you will find more in-detail instructions. Below is a video demonstration with some good handling techniques. We recommend that you read through the instructions and watch the video to be fully confident when start using the Smart Tourniquet.



Maintain hygiene by holding on package when dispensing tourniquet and tear of one at a time.

Loop the tourniquet about the limb and through the opening.

Stay inside the indicator range when using the pressure indicator.

Peel off the protective film from the adhesive on the backside.

Grip the tourniquet close to the opening and just outside the pressure indicator.

Pull both ends simultaneously to tightening the tourniquet in a controlled movement.

Observe the indicator - stop when red lines align and maintain pull force.

Lock tourniquet by the adhesive while keeping red lines aligned.

Make sure the full adhesive strip is properly attached to the tourniquet itself..

Optimal pressure applied - locate suitable vein for IV access.

Open with one hand by pulling loose the adhesive end and dispose of tourniquet.

Posters & brochures

These posters and brochures are designed to assist with training. The poster can be placed on the wall where the Smart Tourniquet is used. Please contact us for any requests.

Click on the links to download digital training posters and brochures:

Instructions for use - Smart Tourniquet

Info brochure - Smart Tourniquet

Info poster - Smart Tourniquet