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Ortrud Medical AB     Sankt Eriksgatan 48E, 112 34 Stockholm, Sweden


Ortrud medIcal

Ortrud Medical is an early stage company based in Stockholm dedicated to setting a new global standard for IV access procedures – our innovative tourniquet is designed to reduce the risk of failed attempts and cross-infections by offering an easy way of applying controlled tourniquet pressure regardless of clinician’s level of experience. In doing so, optimal conditions for easy vein access is achieved for each procedure.

tournIQ®’s core is based on the company's patented intuitive, low-cost and highly versatile force sensor technology - KIRI-TECH, that can be applied in a wide range of different materials and settings.

During product development, the company has worked closely with clinical professionals and end-users to ensure a user-friendly professional device, optimized for use in real-life clinical settings.


Ortrud Medical was founded in 2015 following a Clinical Innovation Fellowship program, during which the team conducted in-depth observations at Sweden’s largest Cardiology clinic in order to find innovative solutions to healthcare's largest challenges.  Early on the team decided to only pursue a novel device that had the potential to revolutionize clinical care and have a significant impact on patient suffering. After several months of interviews, tests and experiments the team decided to develop an solution to the universal difficulty in gaining IV access.  

In 2019 Ortrud Medical released its tournIQ®, a CE-marked, class-1 medical device with the potential to set a new global standard for IV access.


Defining BEST PRACTICE for IV access

Gaining intravenous access is the foundation of modern healthcare. Everything from a simple blood sample in order to diagnose a condition to a complex infusion of life-saving drugs – it all starts with gaining access to the bloodstream.

Venous tourniquets are used for nearly all IV procedures, but usage is highly subjective and varies greatly, which often results in sub-optimal conditions.

Our mission is to create a new standard of care for the most common invasive procedure in health care – a best practice for IV access.


First stick success every time for IV procedures

Every patient and provider deserves the benefits of successful needle placement on the first attempt.

Comfort for patient
 – avoiding unnecessary pain and complications
Confidence for caregiver – faster procedures and eliminating anxiety of failure

Improved health care – cost savings and improved quality though best practice


Our team was handpicked as part of a fellowship affiliated with Stanford’s Biodesign Program – which has given us a broad network within healthcare and medtech industry.

Patrik Nilsson

CEO / Founder

MA Industrial Design,
Lund University of Technology
Clinical Innovation Fellow

Caroline Dahl


Ph.D. in computational biophysics from the University of Oxford
Clinical Innovation Fellow

Sten Dahlborg


Entrepreneur and
business executive
M.Sc. Chalmers University of Technology

Jonathan Ilicki

Advisor / Founder

Medical Doctor 
M.Sc. General Management, Stockholm School of Economics
Clinical Innovation Fellow

Venture Cup
Sweden 2015

Startup World Cup Copenhagen 2015

Business Challenge
Stockholm 2015

KTH innovation
Silicon Valley 2015

Flip Day
Uppsala  2016

Sting Demo Day 
Stockholm  2018

Connect Språngbrädan
Uppsala  2018

Sting Day
Stockholm  2018


If our clinical trial is in line with pilot-data and published research, we believe our tourniquet have the potential to become a new global standard for patient safe IV access. Combined with strong IP and a competitive production partner, we will become a disruptive, profitable and fast-growing company. 

Based on prior adoption of ’gold standard’-devices we project a revenue of > 10MEUR by 2022, with a gross margin of > 80%. Our company develops, clinically verifies and sells the tourniquet. We will outsource production and keep a sales-focused core team in the company. Following our clinical trial and proof-of-market, we will either use existing distributors or a licensing model with larger industrial-players in order to accelerate time to market. 

Our technology is scalable to other clinical areas, but we start by disrupting the tourniquet market. Our innovative idea was elected as best Life Science business idea by Sweden’s largest startup competition Venture Cup, and have since then continued winning several other start-up awards.


• The global tourniquet market is worth > 800 MEUR, where US and EU stands for ~600 MEUR

• The European disposable tourniquet market is worth ~280 MEUR, with ~10% CAGR in key-markets

• Our initial strategic markets  are Scandinavia, UK and Germany, combined worth of > 23million EUR


Our company represents an interesting investment oportunity:

• Sector with excellent growth prospects
• Innovative low-cost force sensor technology, with 2 patents pending
• Potential to become a new global standard
• Revenue of > 10MEUR in 2022
Scalable technology to other clinical areas
Award winning team

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